The information contained in this website is principally for the benefit of members of the public locating a notary public within New South Wales and it describes aspects of what a notary does and how you may go about dealing with a notary.

Details of individual members of The Society of Notaries of NSW Inc. (the Society) are provided by the members and the membership website details are expected to be updated quarterly.

The information provided in the various sections of this website about notaries, their functions, and historical information is provided as an overview only and is not intended to be exhaustive.

Any information concerning notaries and notarial practice within this website is not intended to be legal advice – a lawyer or notary should be personally consulted if legal advice is required.

Where links to other websites are provided within this website, the Society has provided them as a convenience for a user of the site. Lawyers who are considering being appointed a notary should contact the Legal Profession Admission Board on telephone 02 9338 3500 or at level 4, 37 Bligh Street Sydney 2000 as the Society is not involved in the appointment process.

If a member of the Society is consulted arising from the use of this website then the consultation with the notary is a private engagement between the website user and the notary.

Members of the Society have the right to request the correction of any information which relates to the member and is inaccurate – any such corrections should be advised to the Secretary in writing. If as a member of the Society you wish to have your name excluded from this site, you should advise the Secretary in writing.  Updating of the website will be done within a reasonable time.